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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work, But A Team Coach Makes The Dream A Reality

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Team coaching helps teams develop a deeper trust to engage in healthy conflict and debate and get behind group decisions, even if they would have made a different individual decision. When people participate in team coaching they are able to find greater organizational clarity and learn how to communicate with others in the organization from a “we” mentality instead of an “I mentality.   

Team coaching can help teams work through decisions where there are no right answers. Team coaching provides value to any team trying to work together to achieve a common goal. It is especially valuable for teams operating within a high-stakes environment., who are experiencing team dysfunction, or teams that don’t engage in conflict and are stuck in false harmony, meaning everyone is friendly. Still, no one is candid with one another.

Team coaching isn’t a one-and-done experience, but a developmental process just like executive coaching. The details of what you can expect in a team coaching engagement are outlined below. 

The Team Coaching Process

Imagine Your Team Perfectly Aligned

It’s six months from now, and someone has just asked you about your team’s performance. “My team has learned how to maximize their abilities and potential and are working with a common purpose toward shared goals,” you state, sporting a huge smile. Imagine that you’ve learned how to maximize your team’s collective talents. You’ve given them the resources they need to exceed every goal they set for themselves. Your team is a shining example of effective teamwork. You may think this sounds impossible, but the fact is, it’s as easy as taking the first step to book a call to realize what’s possible.

Create safety + Trust

Learn how to allow your team to have difficult and authentic conversations

Develop a cohesive team

Empower your team to self identify patterns of behavior and team dynamics


create autonomy and excellence

Create an opportunity for team members to align with multiple stakeholders 

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                      Phil and Paul are a certified team coaching duo who work together to optimize teams.

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