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According to Harvard Business Review

61% of executives "are not prepared for the strategic challenges they face in senior leadership roles, "and "85% of teams suffer from lack of coordination, motivation and competing priorities."

Multifaceted Leadership

Leadership has moved from authority to trust, hierarchy to networking, and power to self-awareness. Old ways don’t work.

Changing Landscape

Turnover is up, productivity is down, and the market continually requires innovation on all dimensions, all of the time.

complexity of issues

Leaders and teams are juggling paradoxical demands; doing more with less, thinking globally, and acting locally.

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Smart leaders know they need insight

Paul Tripp PCC | Certified Executive Coach

You’re a successful executive struggling to get perspective, and you are not alone. According to the Stanford University/Miles Group Survey, two-thirds of senior leaders don’t receive any outside advice on their leadership skills. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We both know that your past successes will not get you to the next level, but working with a coach who understands the exact needs of executive leaders and teams will.   

Think of Olympic athletes. Their athleticism in high school had to mature when they got to college and grew again at Nationals and then again as they prepared for the Olympics.

As a senior leader, you know that consistent practice and coaching will keep you or your team at your highest level of achievement. Let’s work together to make that happen. 

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